Branko Arnsek Sextet – Move Closer!
November 22, 2022


Something new for your ears: Here's a tip from -
the Branko Arnsek sextet with its new release.
Just right for the moment!
With authenticity, here and there Caribbean spice and the taste for more.
by Sabine Meinert


"Musician, composer, producer, lecturer" reveals the website of Branko Arnsek, who has already celebrated success in various forms.
Now a SexteH under its own name. And a debut CD that makes you want more.
On the new disc, the jazz bassist, who is also responsible as the composer, brings together
Musicians with a fine feeling for their notes: Frank Eberle on piano, Michael Mischl on drums,
Reinier Ceruto on congas and batas, Anton Mangold on alto saxophone and Jonas Löber on trumpet.
Together they give the songs clarity, color and originality.

For some of his songs, Arnsek gave room to his soft spot for his adopted musical home of Cuba:
Son, rumba, salsa flash through here and there and gain voice with singer Johana Jo Jones.
Elsewhere, the StuHgarter's bass leads more into the bluesy. Or set piano and wind instruments
attractive sonorous twists and turns, open up parts of a new world,
drift into the melancholic, at the same time never losing the lightness, the playfulness. That
Sextet pours a wealth of impressions into the ear - in the most diverse, varied forms.
With “Bečanović” Arnsek also dedicates a mixture to a deceased musician friend
Jazz and Balkan sounds - tentative, progressive, hasty, unnerving.
With "J*A*Z*Z" the musicians get funky, pack proximity and the wide world into one song.
All together: gives lively liveliness and good mood.


Photo: @geiger
Cover: dasauge
Label: 59music