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Cult event is having a hard time reversing the trend
Sindelfingen: 43rd Christmas session sees weak visitor numbers

As sure as Christmas, the Christmas session has returned every year since 1979 on December 26th.

By Bernd Heiden
Wednesday, December 27, 2023, 2:29 p.m

.... With good, sometimes excellent bands with the session debuts "A Sound Of Watermelon" from Kirchheim/Teck and "Buffalo Bones" from Magstadt, "Groove For Friends", the rockers from "RocXus" around singer Robby Strunz and However, the highly virtuoso jazz quartet, consisting of drummer Lutz Groß with sax player Andi Maile, a Branko Arnsek who received special applause for his spectacular double bass solos, and pianist Joachim Scheu, almost always has a 15 meter wide empty strip between the stage and the audience. ....

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