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Sindelfinger newspaper
Premiere 1976 in the Schubartsaal 

Did you know that Branko Arnsek, who celebrated his 40th anniversary as a musician at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart on 9 November, did not perform his debut on the bass but on the piano? "Quintet plus One" was the name of the band consisting of Sindelfinger and Böblinger pupils, who at that time also included Viktor Gragert (guitar), Laszlo Petendi (violin) and Lutz Gross (drums). His first concert was the sextet in the Sindelfingen Schubartsaal.

Arnsek first came to the bass because the waiting lists for piano lessons at the Sindelfingen Music School were too long for him at the time. In Jugendhaus Mitte Branko Arnsek (picture: Homepage Arnsek) rehearsed then with the formation Klangwerker (including Ralf Gödde, Karsten Richter, Gerhard Müller) later on an exotic mix of rock with salsa and reggae elements. He moved into a rehearsal room with a third volume at the Maichinger Concordia factory, where Roland Emmerich's first films were made.

Then the trained glass painter moved to study music in Switzerland. For the stage anniversary, Branko Arnsek (, who lives in Stuttgart, will play at the Theaterhaus with the Guttenberger Brothers on Wednesday, November 9, at 8.15 pm. - TV -
Thomas Volkmann