From a duo soon became the trio "The White Diamonds" to Harry Hartmann, Jogi Nestel and me and arose from the need to practice jazz standards. Quickly developed a special sense for the avant-garde.
The contact with Vladimir Bolschakoff originated in Moscow in 1991. Harry was there about a cultural exchange of the theater in the center. In a restaurant, Harry then met Vladimir (he was the only musician of the band in the restaurant of English powerful). Vladimir was then invited by us in 1992 for three months to Stuttgart. During this time the Diamonds played 32 concerts and presented their first CD with their own compositions at Hammer Musikverlag / Aurophon in Stuttgart.

In the winter of 1992 we were invited to the Leningrad Jazz Festival "Autumn Rhythms".
This was followed in 1993 by a trip to the northernmost city in the world Murmansk.
The third trip took place in the following year 1994 to Moscow, Jaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod. We were invited to the talk show "Svezi veter" in the 1st program of the Russian television and reached with the 2.5-hour broadcast 150 million viewers!

Except for Diabolina, all songs of the album "Echos" have been released on the double album "Walk on". The booklet adorns a beautiful photo of the band as a quintet of our friend Werner Pawlok. The cast has now been joined by Udaj Mazumdar, Ravi Shankar's disciple.

In 1996 a concert tour takes us to Gomel in Belarus. This time in the quartet with Harry, Yogi, Udaj and me.
With Plattenpapzt Jöak (DJ of Thomas D.) we made 1997 recordings in the quartet. Two days only music with Jöak, Harry, Jogi and me.
The resume of our 10 years of collaboration led to the concert in the Theaterhaus at the Jazzfestival 1999 and our CD presentation of our double album "Walk on".



1. PREAMBLE / Branko Arnsek
2. DIAMOND SIGNS / Harry Hartmann
3. KNOM / Harry Hartmann / TWO BEAT / Branko Arnsek
4. JOGI PLAY / Vladimir Bolschakow
5. MEMORIES OF JOSEPH / Vladimir Bolschakow
6. H.H. & WHITE DIAMONDS / Vladimir Bolschakow
7. LIFE HIGH / Branko Arnsek
8. THANK YOU GOD / Vladimir Bolschakow
9. 2/1000u / Harry Hartmann
10. BLACK DIAMOND / Raahsan Roland Kirk