As a child of the first generation of guest workers from the former Yugoslavia, I grew up in Sindelfingen.
I completed my studies as a jazz bassist at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern (CH).
In 1974 I started my musical career as a pianist in "Quintet plus One".
Since 1991 I am a teacher at the Stuttgart Music School and in the meantime head of department for Pop-Rock-Jazz. 

The foundation of the success story "White Diamonds" goes back to the year 1988. First we played in the trio with Harry Hartmann (as) and Jogi Nestel (dr), until then in 1992 Vladimir Bolschakoff (g) made us the quartet size and the first silverling "The White Diamonds" helps.
The White Diamonds will last until 1999 and record 2 CDs and release 1 double album: "Walk on" The musical cooperation expands with Udaj Mazumdar (tablas) and Plattenpapzt Jöak (DJ) on sextet format. 

The name of the network is then called the club, which Vincent Klink, Patrick Bebelaar, Andreas Krenerich, Nicola Lutz and Bernd Konrad founded under my chairmanship for the care of the avant-garde in 1995. Our first domicile is Piano-Fischer, then the Institut Francaise with our patron Jean-Francoise Ramon.
A highlight was the birthday concert for the 65th by Archie Schepp with his quartet in 1996. 

2001 Foundation of my record company 59music. The first production was "Mari gidli" with the Zigeli Winter quintet in the distribution of Sony. Meanwhile, the distribution is H'Art. 

Concerning Jazz Manouche: The second CD with the Zigeli Winter Quartet "Me digam les glei" will be released in 2007 on Chaos, a label of the Bauer Tonstudios in Ludwigsburg. Wedeli Köhler brings me and Mano 2011 into his quartet. Unfortunately, he no longer experiences the release of his CD "Hommage a Django". This is also the trigger for the Guttenberger Brothers, who have since grown from the initial trio to a sextet and produce the best "Popswing" with German lyrics. I am responsible for the compositions. 

Since 2001 there is the Cuban Orchestra "Tokame" which is under my musical direction. I write the songs and arrangements. The staff of the orchestra consists exclusively of Cuban professional musicians who have found their second home in Central Europe. As a special extra, the Englishwoman Aquilla Fearon sings titles in her mother tongue in Cuban robe in the band. The lineup features four brass, three-piece rhythm section, three singers and piano and bass. Two CDs have been released, the third is in progress. 

ARNY is a solo (fun) project in which I work as a singer, composer and musician in personal union. A sound carrier has appeared so far. There are no public appearances, but the more fun videos. 

Since 2019 there is now the first jazz project under my name. ARNSEK is a sextet-appearing jazz band performing mainly pieces from my pen. From native Balkanatitüden to Cuban sounds in the jazz fashion a lot is offered.