For Big Band I have written the following number: I LIKE IT, YOU LIKE IT listed by the Big Band of the Swiss Jazz School under the direction of Bert Joris. The picture is taken from 1986 and taken in one go without a sample. More of my compositions and arrangements for BigBand can be found in the Bundesbigbandarchiv. Sax solo Christoph Grab, trombone solo Robert Morgenthaler. 

A tribute to the late jazz singer Roger Cicero. The Guttenberger Brothers spontaneously recorded the number on the occasion of his death. The idea of writing this piece I owe to my son. 

I dedicated the title "Nestel" to the drummer Jogi Nestel. Released in 1999 on the double CD "Walk on" with the White Diamonds. Here in the new edition with my band "ARNSEK". 

"En la casa de Vicente" is a co-production with Maria Luz. Following the musical style of Changui from the Guantanamo area, we have created our own orchestral style, as did Elio Reve and his brother. Here at a concert of my orchestra "Tokame" with the fresh title in the luggage. Michel Valdes lead vocals. 



 "Fish on a stick" a catchy tune especially for the German audience. Runs under the project name "Arny". It was released on CD and available at 59music. Good and timeless. And there is more ...!